About The Show

Dr. Grace

Do you believe in Christianity, the exceptional nature of the American Constitution, traditional family values, limited government, free enterprise and a hawkish foreign policy?

Do you believe the Tea Party movement has had a positive impact on our political system, calling on our politicians to be responsive to the people?

If so, you will feel at home listening to American Heartland with Dr. Grace. She is a Christian activist who loves America, defends its founding principles and works every day to uphold values that are under assault by secularists and progressives. Instead of cowering to political correctness and the current cultural conventions, Dr. Grace is valiantly upholding values that will never die...

American Heartland is a weekly talk radio show, live from Boston, Saturday mornings from eight to nine on 680 AM WRKO. The show features gripping monologues on the news of the day; in-depth analysis of politics, foreign affairs and American culture; newsmaker interviews with political leaders, authors and policy experts; and interaction with callers from around the nation, including debates with those who present dissenting viewpoints. The show is a platform for the people to speak out on the topics that affect their family, their community, and the nation at large.

American Heartland was launched as a weekly review program in July 2013 on WTSB 1090 AM in North Carolina. Due to its success and popularity, it became a daily, live talk show in April, 2016, in Boston, Massachusetts with the Salem Media Group. Dr. Grace was nationally syndicated in Boston, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Houston. In January, 2017 American Heartland with Dr. Grace joined WRKO. Dr. Grace has interviewed a wide variety of guests, including presidential candidates such as Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Rick Santorum; leading pundits and authors such as conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly; talk radio hosts such as Jeff Kuhner; activists such as Wallid Shoebath and Raheel Razza, Ambassador John Bolton, author Sebastian Gorka, and countless others who have shared compelling analysis and stories.

The show encourages all those who want to uphold traditional values to band together and form an extended community, offering support and encouragement. We welcome every citizen, including African Americans, Hispanics, women and minorities to join the conversation and share their thoughts and experiences. Dr Grace also seeks to respectfully engage secularists and progressives who disagree. Join us as we talk, laugh and cry together--as we explore the issues that affect our daily lives.

Join us as we forge a movement of like-minded activists who uphold values, in word and deed, that will never die...